Hi and Mx5 window problems

Hi just a quick post to say hello as a new member and to ask my first question.

Usual window problem on a recently purchased Eunos 1.8 1993. I have installed the new screw type window motor mechanism but cannot seem to stop the damn thing from going too high when winding up the window. Is there something that I have missed to stop it from going too high? There were a few rubber seals missing as the previous owner’s garage had a go and propped up the window for me to get home. I have the weather sealing strip onthe door between the glass and the door but do not have the one for the guide up the side of the window frame where the A shaped piece of glass is. Looking at MX5 parts it looks as though you have to buy the whole kit and I only need the little strip which is approx 10 inches long.

The window is stopped at the top of it’s run by two metal stops that can be losened and moved to lower,raise or change the height of forward or rear of the glass

Ah thanks. Are they the round disc that are screwed to the windows? Sorry a complete muppet the only other option is to take the passenger one to bits as that window is a bit slow but I might see if i can just check and lubricate the moving parts and cables for now. Any pics so i can understand exactly what you mean? The previous garage disposed of a number of items including the rubber window guide at the side.

when you take the door panel off , you will see two bolted stops about 2-3 inchs down from the top of the door, you can also see the glass hitting then when the window go to the top

The plastic cone shaped things on the glass rest against the “L” shaped stops when the window is up. I have seen the stops left off when after market windows have been fitted so yours could be missing.

Ok thanks will take a look tomorrow - cannot recall seeing them but then again I had an ashtray full of bolts, screws and washers! Might be easier to check the other door first as they did not mess with that one - I hope!

Thanks RR will check in the morning.  Thanks for the quick response from both you RR and Fergyuk.


Thanks to both RR and Fergyuk - I have found the little brackets and fitted them no problems. I also managed to work out that the loose piece of trim found inthe boot belongs to the window seal up against the A piece of glass. Got it in (eventually) with some lubricant (ooer misses!). Now only 1 problem… window working fine but when it goes all the way down (no comments please) one of the plastic cone gets fouled on the frame of the window regulator. Am i missing another bit or do i have to improvise to stop it going down too far?

cheers guys

The lower stop is part of the regulator on the OE set up, you’ll have to improvise. Maybe that’s why some people remove the upper stops.