Hi from Birstall

Hi thank you for accepting me,
MX-5 Virgin lots to learn
Bought in lockdown for my middle age crisis…

Hi and welcome! I was at Oakwell Hall this morning with the dog :+1: just out of interest, yours isn’t the bronze mk2 that is parked on BRADFORD Road is it? Noticed it appear a few months ago :nerd_face:


Hi Barry
Mine,s black

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Hi David, no problem mate, any colour is good in my eyes! :rofl::rofl::+1::+1: enjoy your car. Don’t be shy of posting up any queries you might have, a lot of great info and help available on here!

Welcome David and welcome, as Barrie says lots of great info here and help for keeping the 5 in good shape … worked in Birstall for many years way back and used to spend my lunch break at Oakwell hall … small world :grinning:

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Thank for the welcome I look forward to meeting you in the future

Thanks Barrie ( spelt correctly this time),what are you driving?

Hello. I’m suffering from a mid life crisis myself :slight_smile:

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Hi David, my current car is a mk3.5 PRHT in aluminium metallic or as I like to call it, silver! :rofl: I’m up the road in Morley.

I think most of us are! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hi Barrie
Due to when I got mine it is called COVID I’ll keep my eye out for you.

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I’m quite liking mid life crisis it’s the best reason to be young again.

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Unfortunately for my car… it’s a bit embarrassed.


I like what you’ve done! My silver car could benefit from the black/grey/white version of your vinyl :sunglasses:


Evening! :wave:t3:

I’m not too far away, in Pudsey, but you won’t be my blue 2.5 on the road any time soon, unfortunately. Registered SORN for the foreseeable owing to young family and budgetary restraints, but keeping my hand in, tinkering and fettling!

It doesn’t owe me anything and so can sit, financially invisible on the drive, until such time as I can get it back driving, but it’s great to keep up with the community and live vicariously! :joy: I’ve seen far, far too many people saying how much they regret letting such and such a car go and how they wish they’d kept it to fall foul of that particular complaint! :smirk:

Enjoy the new motor and welcome!