Hi From Lincolnshire

Newbie to the MX5… 


Actually my girlfriends’s car and a Eumos Roadster… A few issues that need sorting so expect a lots of newbie type questions over the next few weeks… 

Welcome to what will become an obsession. I started with an aging Eunos and heave never been without a five since.

Not many questions that somebody here can’t answer so ask away. Just have a quick search first. Lots of the questions get asked over and over again!

Stick your location in your profile, always helps when you are asking for advice. Sometimes someone around the corner might be able to help.

Hello and Welcome, there certainly is a wealth of knowledge on this forum.

Enjoy the car 

Another Yellow Belly.

Welcome from North Lincolnshire.


I’m hoping not, though it is a fun drive… I have enough obsessions already…