Hi from New Member from Buckingham mk3!

Hello All.

I’m Joel, new to MX5 scene with a mint 2006 mk3. Got the car 3 days after moving into my new house a few weeks ago and official signed up to the club at The Classic today! Great to have a toy back on the driveway!

Purchased from an OC member, some may recognise the car. Either way it will be very well looked after.

Thanks to all who made that happen today BTW.

Here is a quick snap from this evening at Silverstone.



Hi Joel and welcome from Nottinghamshire… How’s life down there on my old stomping ground, and the wonderful little back roads that are near to the town?! :slight_smile:
That’s a lovely Mk3 you have that, and you must be very happy to own it…


Hi Rob, thank you! Still exploring the back roads and the area and couldn’t think of a better car to do with with!

I’ve previously had a 92 Honda CRX Del Sol and then a 2004 s2000, plus nearly all of the type r generations until the last. So it was time for a change.

I have to say what a great choice, I should have seen the light sooner. Smiles / £ is super high, just what you want from a fair weather weekend car . Couldn’t be happier!


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You new to Buckingham Joel? Some great back roads out towards Calvert, The Claydons and Winslow etc, and the A421 towards MK is good outside of normal daytime hours… Had many-a-great run down it in my previous Fiesta ST2 Mk7 and Clio 182…, but am yet to try the MX-5 on these familiar pieces of tarmac! Sure you’ll get many more miles of fun in the wonderful MX-5… :slight_smile:


Yes I’ve actually done the run past Winslow, great road… I also accidentally got lost and found some great roads from Stoney Stratford, through Beecham, Thornton then to Padbury. Some b roads over the top and some amazing views. Could almost be in the Highlands… almost haha.

I’ll definitely keep exploring!


Welcome and I see that the hood is down, which is excellent! Looks like a really nice car you have there, clean and seems well looked after. Have lots of fun - an X5 as you say gives great smiles per hour.

Hey there, welcome to the club.