Hi from new member in Worcester

Hi everybody
Here we are collecting our new 1.5 RF Sport Nav in September last year.
We have managed 3000 miles between lock downs just bimbling around going nowhere in particular…
Really looking forward to meeting up with some of you guys now life is a little more normal
David & Gina


Hi David and Gina from Nottinghamshire. That’s a lovely 1.5 RF you have there, and the joy, or at least one of them, is not going anywhere in particular, but just the fun of going… :slight_smile: Mine is purely a toy and a couple of times visitor to Aldi, and is always enjoyed more taking the scenic route…! But like you say, as life slowly gets back to normal, we may soon get to meet other MX-5er’s…

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Your Mazda looks awesome. I am a fairly new member too from not far away in Herefordshire.

Welcome David and Gina ! Cracking colour :wink: … well I would say that !! I also have the 1.5 although mine is a roadster… I’m sure you’ll be enjoying it … hopefully see you at a local meet soon .?. I’m based near Warwick. ATB … Rich

Love the colour.
In fact…rather “saucy” indeed. :wink:

Hi David & Gina,
Welcome to the OC, we also have a RF.
John & Patricia Solent Region

Hi from lyn and rich Tewkesbury, hope to see you both at the National.

Here is our Mk 4 Z Sport bringing this one to the National.

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