Hi, new NC owner from Northern Ireland

Hi, I’m the proud new owner of a 2.0 SE NC model. I bought this back in the autumn but have been keeping it off the salty roads until now. It’s only done just over 6000 miles having spent most of its life in Spain and is in great condition with just a few minor scratches and dings.

I’m not planning to do much other than fit lowering springs and Koni shocks to lower the ride height so it looks less of an off-reader and improve the handling at the same time. I’m thinking of fitting 17” wheels, perhaps the OEM version but I’m going to wait and see how it looks after the lowering. Other than that I’m not planning much at this stage. All advice welcome! image|666x500


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire…
You have a lovely looking NC over there in N.I :slight_smile:

Welcome, from a fellow Copper Red NC owner.
A right hand drive from Spain? That is lucky.
I think that once lowered, it will scream for 17" alloys.

Thanks Christophe, I think you’re right about the wheels.

It’s actually a UK car which had been taken to southern Spain by a holiday home owner from here. So it’s spent most of its life up to now in a garage. Time to let it live a little now!

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How old is it? Looks like an NC1.
You might want to change your scuttle grommets. Google, or DuckDuckGo, will tell you more :wink:

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There’s a how-to about this in the “Members downloads” section of this site.

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Incredible miles for an older NC1! What a nice holiday car to have had waiting for someone in sunny Spain!


Many thanks. I haven’t had any problems with damp over the winter but I will check this out.

It’s a 2009 model.

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Hi and welcome from another NI member, nice looking car you have.
Question, where those photos taken on Ballyhenry Road near Strabo country park?


Hi Andrew5, well-spotted, that was the road. Your NC looks well, I quite fancy those OEM 17” rims.

Hi again, I’m literally just round the corner of you want to take a look at the wheels on stock suspension.