Hi there from West Sussex

Afternoon all,

Thought i’d say hello, i’ve always been into cars and had quiet a few, mostly hot hatches.

After driving an 1.6 mk1 a few years back I knew I wanted one, so after selling my motorcycle I bought a Mk1 1.8 Havard, not in the best condition but it’s not rotten either. So far i’ve replaced the very rotten exhaust and learnt the hard way about the different size cats. I don’t live too far from Goodwood and managed to take it on a track day a few weeks before lock down, which was great. The car did start to get on the hot side, but the roof down and heater on full resolved that for the day. Since then i’ve replaced the radiator, thermostat and hoses. Hopefully i’ll test that out soon.

There is a long list of things i’d like to do to the car, at the moment i’m working on the essentials. First of which is the handbrake, which is only making token gestures towards it’s job.

I’m sure i’ll meet some of you once the lock down has finished.


Hi Dan

Welcome to the club. I am sure that Mal or Terry from the Solent chapter will be along soon to suggest meetings when the club and the damned CV allow.
In the meantime if you want to meet for a socially distanced coffee I am in Bognor (probably not too far from you) with a 1995 V Spec Eunos.

Best wishes

Hi dan, As Steve said you may hear from the Solent region AC,s Mal & Terry, or your post code may well be the Sussex Downs region AC Chris Unstead, you should have been notified which region you are by now.

Coffee would be great @whitebeard I live in Midhurst so it’s not a million miles away.

Currently i’m trying to resolve an issue, engine seems to be bogging down when hot between 3k and 4k rpm. Might be the coil back but i’m going through the process of elimination first.

Hi Dan
Yes Midhurst only just up the road
When you’ve fixed your misfire we’ll have that coffee. Even if we bring our own flasks and biscuits. Plenty of outdoor areas around Goodwood or the Trundle.
My phone no is 07870 684831 or 01243 263177


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@Mal_Rowland, can you help…