Hi there... :)

Hi there,

Nice to be here, hope to be a part of this community for a good while. After many years of meaning to, eventually we bought our first mx5 a year ago. It’s been a little costly so far as the engine siezed so put a reconditioned one in and replaced the clutch at the same time.

Now the clutch does not disengage on first depressing of the pedal so I need to double press before gear change possible bleed issue.

Replaced rear disks and pads as well as tyres and the garage messed up the caliper so leaks brake fluid so need to replace calipers now.

I am also struggling to find someone to program new keys for me as I lost mine and it has been at mazda dealer for over 20 days for a key program to ecu which apparently thay can not do.

I move to Cyprus for work after the lock down and was hoping to drive her through Europe to Turkey and then ferry to Cyprus and was hoping someone here would be able to help get with info on how to get her running :slight_smile: here is the link 2000 nb lost keys

And here she is;

Welcome, I love the look of that 5 :+1: :smiley:

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