Just trying to get used to the new forum so thought I’d take the opportunity to say hi to everyone in the area. No rain forcast for tomorrow so its roofs down and away we go…[H]

hi there -

it is taking some acclimatisation for sure, but a lot of work gone into it and no doubt will be tuned up & refined along the way.

I managed my first Winter top down run the other day…until it started raining…




Yep, sure is wet. I cant wait for those long hot summer days when you go for a blast just for the sake of it. I’m using the time to get all those little jobs done (and the occaisional zip round the country lanes). 

Where are you Tim? Are you part of the Solent gang?


I’m based in Bournemouth.  Got my car last year & haven’t been to any meet ups as of yet - must correct that soon.