Hiya. Just arrived.

Hello folks.  Just logged in and having a bit of an explore.

BTW, I see under the “Options” tag just above that “Email me replies to this post” was checked.  Is that a default setting?  Can I change it in my own preferences?

Look in “Edit Profile” - “Email”

HI there, I thought I would just pop in and see how it looks.

 Ah, I see, it works

Hi Martin,

Thought I’d reply to your posting to get a bit of practice in using the new forum…[:)]



 Hi Martin, thought I’d try this new forum as well and see what’s what.  Any chance the date format could be changed back to the UK version, not US?  Not a big issue but it takes my old brain a while to decipher.   [^o)]

'ello, someone mentioned the date before, I will go see if I can do it…


site is set to; day, month, year, if yours is different it can be changed in your profile…

 Thanks Martin, done now… [:D]

Oooh, hello folks

Just trying this out for the first time.  Need to get my avatar sorted - fell almost naked without it [:$]


 My first time on the Forum too.  Looks pretty good.

Hi Guys/gals…greetings from the Sunshine Coast

[sn]…Just got here…Time to look around…[C]

ok I’m in and have now worked out that I needed to do a new signature and avitar… can’t seem to get the smilies working though


[:D] Sorted Now (Sun 16 Nov 2008)

Hi everyone, I too need to sort out my avatar[^o)] Then have a good look around[:D]

 Sorted my avatar but can’t figure my display name.  More searching to do yet…[8-)]
Heh heh - now fixed.  This forum is getting better.    [H]