Hood window replacement

Hi everyone, great forum and a fountain of information!, I’m wondering if it’s feasible to replace the plastic window in my pvc hood as the rest of the hood is in good condition

Yes, trimmers will charge £100 or so to cut out the old windown, and stitch in a new one. It will look obviusly repaired, and I doubt anyone would warranty it. If the hood has shrunk over the doors, it might not be worth replacing just the window.

Would I be right in thinking the hood would have to come off for that to be done?, if so there’s not much point as I’ve seen replacement pvc hoods for under £200.
Bit irritating really the car is always garaged and the hood is rarely up but the odd time it is, it does look a bit naff with black gaffa tape zigzagging across the window😂, and you can barely see through it