Sorry if this has been asked before and feel free to delete my post or direct me to a previous thread, but can anyone recomend a decent hotel for the spring rally.  Im probably going to stay for a couple of days exploring the area so something comfortable ideally with a gym would be good.

I have done a search but I dont know the area so dont know where is nice.



Hi Friend,

Pop over the the North East Midlands pages where you will find details of a hotel. A few of us are booking a table for the Saturday night dinner, if you wish to join us then put your name on the list.



Don’t know whether you’ve booked anything yet but south Wales area are booked into Chichester park hotel.You’re welcome to join us if you want.





Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel.

Canvasing some thoughts.

We’ve been advertising a recommended hotel in the past 3 editions of Soft Top Hardtop on the address sheet and latterly in the magazine.

Bookings have been ok, but this was a first attempt at a new way of managing the hotels with the clubs touring partner.

Question is in the era of booking, hotels, trivago, Expedia, trip adviser etc. .com are we beyond the time where we need to offer this now?

I used booking dot com and got the rally hotel cheaper than the price offered by the club I think.

£142.40 for Saturday & Sunday night, double room but no breakfast.

This has always been problematic and is part of the reason the Rally hotels have not been hitting their booking targets, which exposes us often to penalties, but the hotel has ample guests.

Nearly all the hotels we have dealt with over the past 7+ years, simply will not offer a guaranteed business booking (ie to block book a certain number of rooms) at the same rate as they turf their rooms out to the cheap internet sites, some have, but they are very much in the minority. and while it works well for the individual, it undermines any deal that we can offer for block booking for members (at least in the way that we have needed the past). However we also can’t rely on the hotels selling their rooms (or enough of them for a rally) at these lower rates either. 
With the fundamental shift in the way hotels work online now, I am not sure that we will be able to continue to offer a specific Rally hotel and if we can’t does that detract form our events? or do people feel happier getting the best deal they can and we maybe set up some sort of evening entertainment instead, eg the night at Donington?



Personally Iain, I don’t see the point doing the hotel. As you say, there are plenty of good deals out there and the internet makes it easy for people to book for themselves. If you still wanted to do a rally dinner you could easily book a venue and let everyone make their own way there and back. Appreciate that could mean a bit of a journey for some although if you kept it in a fairly central place then wouldn’t be too bad. Must admit I’ve never stayed at a rally hotel or attended the dinner. More often than not I just go for the day or maybe go up the day before. Horses for courses…

Looking forward to Goodwood though as it’s just down the road from me (metaphorically speaking). A great venue with such a fantastic history.  

Thanks for the replies for suggewstions.  Decided to book up the Park hotel.  Looks ok and is close to the venue.


Cant wait now.  Lets hope for Sun.


Problem is I have to drive down from Gloucester so the cars gonna be spattered by the time I get there.  Hopefully the hotel has a bucket and sponge, oops sorry Im mean soft wash mitt

There is a Halfords round back of the hotel.

We’ve got about 12 cars coming down from south Wales over Friday and Saturday, make yourself known and join the gang and have a laugh with us. Get a collapsible bucket from a camping supplies store or similar, great for sticking in the boot as it folds flat.


We’ve got about 12 cars coming down from south Wales between Friday and Saturday. Make yourself known and join the gang and have a good laugh with us. You need to buy a collapsible bucket from a camping supplies store, great for sticking in the boot.


ah ha good point.  Im off to Go outdoors then (other camping stores are available, always read the label etc etc)


Really do hope it stops raining by then mind

ah ha good point.  Im off to Go outdoors then (other camping stores are available, always read the label etc etc)


Really do hope it stops raining by then mind

Chichester Park Hotel is fine. If you want to upmarket there is the Ship Hotel in town.

As said, there is a Halfords round the corner from the Park Hotel for last minute car washing essentials.

There is also a Bunnings (used to be Homebase) next door that USED to do fairly inexpensive but good hand car washes and rudimentary detailing. Depends how precious you are about the paintwork.

Hmmm…perhaps I am missing a trick. Maybe I should be renting out my driveway, hose and pressure washer for the morning of the rally…? Only 250 yds (as the crow flies) from the circuit folks…