How easy is it to live with a MkIII MX-5?

After a disastrous relationship with an Alfa, I am looking for a new car.
I have never driven an MX-5 but I really like the look of the new MX-5 and am looking at a 2006 2.0l sport model.
However - we will be using the car for weekends away, going to see friends in far flung corners of the country, and we need a car that is also comfortable to travel in and has enough room for luggage etc.
So being an MX-5 virgin - what are they like to live with? How comfortable/ noisy are they on long journeys? Is there enough room for the luggage of two people for a week away???
Any advice gratefully received…

 The mk3 has a fairly good boot for a 2 seater sports car.
Obviously you won’t be able to fit the same amount in it as you could in a Volvo estate, but then the journey is an awful lot more fun in the mx5 than the volvo! :slight_smile:
Lots of people have managed to go touring around Europe for several weeks in an MX5 so its definitely possible to live with.
If you do need extra space then there is always the option of a boot rack.
If you’re after comfort then you might want to stick with the stock springs rather than the lowered eibach springs which can make the ride firmer which may not be what you want. Personally I loved them. :slight_smile:

When I had a Mk1 I found the max time I could comfortably drive it was about an hour and a half before I got achey. I don’t get achey at all in the Mk3 so it is obviously roomier or more supportive in some way. For example, I have friends in Cheltenham and used to borrow my gf’s Ka to visit them when I had a Mk1 but now don’t hesitate to jump in the Mk3. It can be seen as a good point or a bad point that it is a more refined, less noisy drive than the Mk1, though it is certainly still more noisy in the cabin than a saloon - a lot of road noise does come in through the soft-top, but not noisy enough to make you need stereo up loud or anything. If you go for an RC it may be quieter. Of course, with top down it is npisy but in a lovely way - I hardly bother using my stereo since I switched to MX-5 ownership - prefer the sound of exhaust and the sounds of the wind and outside world. You can fit one large size case in the boot, and that’s it. I would say it suits a week of spartan holiday-making, but I am not sure my gf could cope a week without her own case! I have the Eibach springs and don’t find the ride too firm or harsh, and the heated leather seats and climate control of the Sport make the cabin very cosy and comfortable compared to most other cars I have had.

Very easy, three years old now, been to France twice, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland twice. Mrs domus is not shy when packing I can tell you.

The car soaks up the road with the top down, if bad weather comes the air con and heater make the cabin a comfy place to be for long periods.

There are cubby holes in the cabin for storage, removal of the passenger footrest allows the passenger seat to slide further forward allowing more storage behind that seat. You know you want to.

More to the point - how can you live without one!  Our Roadster Coupe is just fantastic.  Not only is it bloody quick ( Larini Sports system and Green throughflow air filter) but it is comforatble and good on fuel - well depending on who drives!  The boot is a fair size for a sports car and you can get a lot mor in it than an Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Honda with a folding roof.  We have toured all over Europe and the UK and you can take enough knickers for two or three weeks.  Have fun, commit and buy one!