How Many 30AEs in theUK?

Sat here with nothing to do for a half hour the above question popped into my mind and I have gleaned the following.
Mazda and most magazines say we were to get 600 but What Car say 550.
This site say there are 344 taxed and 17 on SORN so that makes 361.
So where are the other 239 cars??
I have found that there may have been 143 extra cars allocated to the USA as they sold all there allocation very quickly.

So if they took some of our allocation that still leaves 96! Some may have been written off but certainly not 96 so over to the combined knowledge of the Club to come up with the answers!!!

The UK was originally allocated 600 cars, 400 soft-tops and 200 RF’s, but when the take-up didn’t happen fast enough the UK allocation was reduced and the US allocation increased. I’m not certain what the amended figures were but I’m sure the What Car figures can’t be far off.

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So we have 550 less the 361 means there are 189 ‘missing’, any ideas? like they are all in the hands of ‘collectors’ unregistered!!!

Interesting the UK got 0001 according to that miata dot net article

Yes Mazda UK have it

Yes I saw that, intrigued that Mazda UK got no.1 rather than US or Japan…