How To Change My Vent To.....

so i can have a guage in one of the center vents (nearest driver) without it say melting i’ve seen a car with it and it looked so good, but i was wondering how it was done.

One you remove the vent center a 52 mm gauge fits the hole

You do need to remove the vent piping from the vent otherwise the gauge will be damaged


nice one, is it easily done, or a ball ache to do??

easy , the hardest bit is getting the ball vent out. My way is a long cable tie folded about a third along insert into vent and backout round the fins,then a sharp strong tug should remove it.

i’ve tried this and pulled rather hard (bearing in mind i not that small a fellow) and it didn’t even move :S

5 feet of 3 core grey electrical wire, very bendy and thick to wrap round hand.

Pull hard and even presure from the centre bit for quite a while and it shall pop out.

Watch your teeth …[:O]