Howden to Elvington (The Spring Rally Site)

We have just driven back from York on the B1228, what a superb country road !

It runs from Grimston nr York to Howden

Just a word of warning to anyone going to the rally site via the M62 and through Howden, watch your speed,

The speed limit briefly drops to 30 before going  back up to 40, near the middle roundabout, is a favourite spot for the speed camera van.

It is a favourite of mine - and one I use very early morning en route to Cadwell Park . Howden to Goole, then down to Epworth across the Isle of Axholme ,I live not that far from supposed favourites like the Blakey Ridge road , Stokesley - Helmsley etc and the run down from York  is a far better drive if you like pushing on .