Howies quiz run - Sunday 15 th April.

Meet up at Bradford-on Avon Station car park (BA15 1DP) at 10:15 for a 10:30 start, this run will take us through Cranbourne Chase and the Wiltshire Downs into Dorset  via Zig Zag Hill Sick, to Compton Abbas AirfieldPlane(SP5 5AP).

Quiz sheets for en route entertainment are available for a small donation to the Royal Air Forces Association, the marking and presentation of a silver salver to the winning car, will take place at the airfield.

Please reply to this message so I know how many maps and quiz sheets to run off.

Zig Zag hill not Sick but Big Smile.

I will be there.

I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to make it. Just joined so will be my first meet of any kind…

Come along Waving


Do come along we are always happy to meet new owners and “kick tyres”

The tyres are pretty sorted…so you can kick away. Anything else will probably just fall off. Smile

Couple of questions…

  1. This still on? Weather looks fair… :o)

  2. Is there likely to be anybody with a fairly standard mk1 1.6 coming who won’t mind looking under bonnets for 5 mins?

I’m having some slight engine issues, so I’m not sure about a long drive at the moment, but will turn up either way.

Hi yes still on.

I will be there with my mk1 1.6 so it may help, look forward to meeting you.

Cool, I just need someone to listen to a noise and see if they recognise it…I’m going slowly nuts with it myself!

See you there.

 Sorry it is late but this was my first opportunity to post, but with the Gods blessing the run/quiz is still on.

 It is lovely and sunny with a slight nip in the air, a great day for a top down run.

Thank you to all who participated in the run today, only a couple of whoops! the leader overshooting a left turn, a couple of cars we lost! and later found, and the Wessex car that thought we were going to Stonehenge. The quiz resulted in a joint win after a recount (perhaps I should have enacted question 23?.)

 Sounds like I missed out on fun again Sad

I think so for the benefit of us not there !!Wink

Ahoy! another whoops! it should be question 17, question 23’s answer was “Bazinga”.

Was great fun, thanks Howie. I have a few pics if anybody wants them…

Photo’s are always welcome, I have sent some of mine to the Western Forum.

Thanks Howie it was a great run, good top dowm weather, great route, nice cake at the airfield cafe, sorry we could not stay any longer as I had prommised my navigator a trip to the kiddies play area on the way home.

Hope to see everybody agian soon. Maybe at Castle Coombe in two weeks

Sorry we weren’t able to join you today to defend our “2011 title” but still suffering from jetlag only 24 hours previously so probably not a great idea to drive. You certainly had a great day for the run.

Hope to see you all in May as life gets back to normal…

It did get a bit chilly around the knee area during the afternoon, I was wearing shorts.