hydraulic hand operated clutch?


Newbie here, been reading through some of the post’s on here and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge on this site. This is a bit of a long shot but about 22 months ago I broke my leg in a push bike accident (left leg) and now I have been told I need another op soon so another year out :(. the problem is I recently brought a 1992 eunos roadster hoping that i could be driving soon but its not going to happen lol

So my question is has anyone had any experience with hand clutches mounted to the gear shifter? I will need a car for transport and I cannot bring myself to sell it as I have only owned it 2 months.

I have had a look on the tinternet and the only problem I can foresee is will a hand clutch be able to move enough fluid to completely disengaged the clutch? Anyone’s imput would be greatly appreciated and before you ask selling is out of the question! It is a last resort I hope never happens as I have driven it and it has almost become an addiction.  On a private road obviously :wink:

Many thanks.

I dont know if you would have enough strength in your hand to opperate a hand clutch. 

I’m sure someone would know.

Yeh that was what I thought but I didn’t know whether you could get some sort of inline booster? I have had a look at the bore sizes but the levers I have looked at have small bores with I assume a short throw. Maybe I should bite the bullet and look for an automatic I just can’t bring myself to do it just yet,


I’m sure i have seen a post about this sort of thing in the past.

maybe do a search on hand controls as a subject.

or even better contact Peleton72 on this forum. Jon is very involved with mission motorsport & while his interest is primarily disabled ex servicemen driving 5s etc,  he may well be able to advise with your query…

he’a also a very nice chap

good luck Thumbs up

 Might these people be able to advise on what to fit/where to go? http://www.motability.co.uk/

I think your best option is to SORN your own car until your leg is fully functional and buy another automatic Eunos Roadster for use while you are not able to drive a manual version, there are a few cheap ones on Ebay at the moment, would save you a whole heap of messing about?

Dr. Eunos Geek

good point, sensible advice

Surely it would be better to have a cable operated handle, operating the original master cylinder?

Probably a generic bike clutch lever would do the job nicely.

Although, that said…I wouldn’t like to try to insure it after moving the controls in any way. You’d struggle to get a quote, I’d say.

 If you have a health issue that affects/may affect your ability to control the vehicle you need to check with your insurer irrespective of any alterations to the vehicle. For some things (e.g.diagnosis of Diabetes) you need to do some research on the DVLA web site as well to see if they need to be notified. Often if the DVLA don’t need to be notified you’ll get a response from your insurer to the effect that (IF DVLA aren’t worried, neither are we". But you need to get it in writing (or email - not a phone call!)

This is good advice. An undisclosed and pertinent medical condition is an absolutely perfect excuse for your insurer to refuse a claim (and land you in big(ish) trouble).

Linear actuator and a switch maybe ??  , i cant see anyone having the strength to pull a short stroke lever unless you could power assist it.


More to the point, it does increase the risk of an accident and therefore the risk to the insurer (and of course yourself and other road users!). In the case of disability, as well as vehicle modifications it may be advisable to check out Motability’s insurers.