I am a Member but I cant post an advert - Please help


I am a member of the owners club and have posted adverts on the previous forum but cant on here.

 Can anyone please help me and let me know how it works?



 You are not showing up as a member - hence you do not have member permissions and so cannot post adverts.
Are you using the same username as you use on mx5oc.co.uk?
If you are and its still not working then send martin a PM with your membership number and login name and he’ll work his magic.

Ok thanks

Who is martin and where can I find hi email?



Not sure what you have done, but you appear to have 3 different memberships set up  with the owners club. You seem to have signed up to a new non member account so that you could get on here when you should have activated your owners club membership account instead.

I suggest you contact the membership administration

Membership Admin
If your enquiry involves membership related questions, such as your name, address, vehicle details, web site login or current membership please contact the Club membership administration via email or the address/phone listed below.

Shute Street
TA4 3TU 
Tel: 0845 601 4231

and get them to put you straight [;)]

I’m here… [:D]

 As Bob says you have not signed in using your Club details but have created a forum menber only account.  Go back to the forum home page and follow the instructions for Club members to get on the forum.  If that doesnt work get in touch with me…