I cant log in as myself

My wife (InIt Sister) registered on the Forum and has an e-mail address and password…

I joined and gave myself a Username (Wazza2770) and a password…


I cant log in as myself?   I can only get onto thisdforum using her E-mail address and her password then it comes up as Shobhna and Andrew wayland


Have I lost my individuality ? can I no longer have my own name ?

Hmmm cant I edit my post anymore either ?

Does this forum recognise all the old stuff ? Ie I posted about my car in readers rides  is it now gone and lost or will it all transfere over…  will all the data and great posts be moved over as well or will they all be  mothballed and lost too ?

I have also noticed that i cant see some other peoples avatars and photo’s just little red x shows to me ?


I have changed our yes OUR user name now  I still want to be an individual and cant log on as myself so what do i need to do ? re register ?

I wonder if the forum log on is linked to the OC log in   we are joint members of the OC  but did have and should have individual forum log in details… it all worked when we had user name and password to log in  now we need an e-mail address it does not  cant work

 so why can’t Wazza see my avatar?    is there anyone out there who can sort this out? 

I can see some folks avatars others are just empty boxes with red X

just logged on at work and i can see Sue;s avatar here

I can now see it at home now too…


But I still need to know about logging in as an individual  not as a couple!!!

Thank goodness for that…    [:D]

Will someone from Admin be along at anytime to answer my question re being able to log on as an individual please ?

I have the same problem . and don’t perticularly want my full name posted anyway.

 I can’t even seem to do this much. where did you make the change ?





 Click “Edit Profile”

Select “Site options” tab

“Enable Display Name” - Yes

Select “About” tab

Change the “Name” field to your own choice.


Thanks sorted.



Will someone from ADMIN please answer my post… when and will i ever be able to get  my own personal log in again  wazza

I am saddened that My post has not even been answered by Admin… Why not ?

The problem is that there is no provision as yet for separate login facilities for joint members. This is one of the issues that is being investigated ( along with quite a few more [^o)] )

Thank you Bobm. Martin has sent me a more comprehensive PM now with a full explanation.