i-ELOOP recall - BBR EcuTek

Hi All,

I have a Mazda MX-5 mk4 2.0 (2016) with a BBR Super175 package.

The DC/DC converter of my car was replaced followed with a software update in a Mazda dealership last week, due to a recall regarding the i-ELOOP system fault, and now my program is gone.

According to BBR, I can use my original rom that was sent by them, since my ECU version is unchanged, but I’m afraid that in this case I will overwrite the modifications made by Mazda last week regarding the i-ELOOP system.

Anybody had the same experience?


Did the first NDs have the I-ELOOP thing installed? wasn’t an option in 2018 for mine

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If the BBR Super 175 tune didn’t effect the i-Eloop before the recall why should it effect it now?

I have it, so I guess it was an option here in Hungary at least. :slight_smile:

I don’t know to be honest that when I reload the rom made by BBR 3 years ago it will fully change the actual rom, erasing the upgraded parts regarding the i-ELOOP system, or it will only modify it on the relevant parts like spark table, AFR, lunch program, etc.

Logically if the BBR tune didn’t effect i-Eloop before the Mazda recall then it won’t effect it now.

The question is if the BBR rom fully overwrites the actual refreshed rom or it just modifies it.

I wrote to EcuTek, here is their answer:

“You will have to perform a ROM dump so that we can add support for the new ROM, BBR will then be able to copy the tuning changes into the new ROM leaving the Mazda Update information as it is.”

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