I got them rear suspension lower wishbone bolt blues

Hi all,

This is from a Mk2.5 sport

just taking the rear everything apart for a repaint and am having trouble getting the bolt out from the lower wishbone to hub:

rear suspension mx5 wishbone bolt

The nut came off the other end no problem and I tried whacking the nut end with a hammer and I tried undoing the bolt head end with a long breaker bar but it felt like the bar was going to bend. Squirted some freeze release about to no avail.

Is there something I’m missing here - is this bolt supposed to just slide out or do I have to tap it with a magic wand first?



By design it’ll just slide out but in reality it’ll be well rusted. it’ll be rusted to the bush sleeves and maybe the upright. It’s just a case of working it out with penetrating fluid/heat/BFI until it gives. I’d fit the whole assembly back on the car to help hold it still while you work on it. 

BFI:-) impact wrench/nut runner will probably assist here if you can get hold of one.

Oh well, Thanks for the tips - no way I’m putting it all back together again so I’ll get the vice to help.