I’m back... after an 8 year deviation

Previously Stonehaven area 2002(02) NB Black Phoenix owner 2010-2012. Now living in Brechin and just got a 2009(59) NC Black 1.8SE Coupe.
Catch up soon hopefully when we are allowed out to play again :+1:t2:


Welcome back!

Hi and welcome back !

Welcome back! I do remember your NB.

Welcome back look forward to pics :+1::wink:

Welcome back👍

A few pictures parked up in the drive (as most are) - I will get better ones when we are allowed out to play next Friday :slight_smile:


Looks very smart. Have fun !

Mmmm…a 16 year tariff divided by 2 for good behaviour.
What did you do? Buy an MG? :slightly_smiling_face:

A BMW 330Ci convertible for 2 yrs then an M3 convertible for 6 yrs.

Jeeez…that was a heavy sentence. 2 Propellers in succession!
Glad you have repented Stonehaven.

MX-5 indicators are on the left-hand stalk.