IL Motorsport Anti roll bars?

I’ve been trying to find a set of used RX8 ‘Yellow Dot’ for ages and I’ve given up - even identifying breaker cars that might have them is a pain in the ■■■■.

Has anyone bought the IL Motorsport ones before?

Any thoughts?

I haven’t bought the IL arb’s but I would be worried about bar and bush wear due to salt corrosion if a daily driver.
It would neeed a clean and be regreased regularly.

It’s not a daily driver, probably does about 4k a year on dry sunny days and is garaged the rest of the time.

I just want to sharpen it up a bit

I had a new set of IL anti roll bars fitted to my NC1 around late November and managed one track day at Oulton Park before the 2nd lockdown took the fun away (says a man with 3 credits to his name now since…).
At the same time, IL adjustable drop links went on too. I’d already changed the entire Bilstein/Sport suspension for that from a later model with a lot less mileage than my own so the combination of IL bits and newer OEM struts made a considerable difference to the balance and handling of the car.
I’ve since gone a stage further with MeisterR CRD’s into the equation for a lower stance and optional firmer handling.
The car is my weekend driver and I’m very happy with the all round improvement from what it was previously.
As with everything MX5/leisure related, it wasn’t an ultimate pocket friendly deal but the ride/handling now allows that to fall into the past.
Hope that helps :+1:

So you would recommend them?

Cant comment on the IL Motorsports versions, but I fitted some yellow dot arb’s at the weekend and I’m delighted with the results.
My NC1 remains completely standard other than the arb change, but the difference is noticeable. The turn in is a lot sharper and it feels flatter in the corner. Really pleased​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Found them on eBay for £100, although they still needed a little tlc. Rubbed down with a wire brush and applied a few coats of smooth Hammerite. New bushes and drop links completed the upgrade.

I fitted some yellow dots to my NC1 a few months back. Like you, I struggled to find any but joined the RX8 Classifieds group on FB and got some that way. Not expensive either.

The main differance between a matched set of yellow dots and aftermarket arb sets is the rear bar rates are usually much higher to balance the car more towards reduced understeer.
Eibach aftermarket bar rates are close to a yellow dot front and orange dot rear.

Yes I would, They improved my former suspension setup without a doubt.

There’s a set of yellow dots on ebay now, collection from Nottinghamshire. :+1:t3:

Too far for me sadly.

Do you have a link to those as I can’t see them?
I know someone in that area who might want them.

What did you pay for the Yellow Dot’s Matt?

Hi Chris, I have a set of these on my 5. In combination with the Meister club race and new OEM style drop links. Overall, great upgrade but hard to say whether the ARB’s alone are the main contributor. I did the usual of fitting them all together so not able to evaluate them on their own. Also, fitting them myself, I didn’t touch the radiator (as some fitting guides suggest) with the skill of a gynecologist, I managed to thread them into position fairly easily! Worth having IMO. No experience of RX8 ones and got confused about yellow/blue/red dot and various combinations of the same. The ILMOTORSPORT ones are a matched set, specific for the car as other aftermarket brands are too.



Hi Chris - think it was £80 delivered. They were in decent condition and I bought bushes in top of that.

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They were at £0 yesterday. Not sure why people bid so early. They are also about 70 miles away from Nottinghamshire, its actually Northampton.

Thanks, Northampton isn’t in Nottinghamshire though last time I looked :wink:

I’m a Londoner, it’s all the same past the M25 :thinking:

£10 cheaper from their site direct rather than eBay

Not after you pay £9.95 for delivery

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