I'm seriously considering a used MX5 and need a bit of help.


I’m really quite keen on getting an MX5, so I dont know yet what the model details are. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

I’m looking for a car between 2012 and 2014, so I think that’s a MK3?

Low mileage, definitely under 20,000 but nearer 10,000 would be preferred. Would also like a metal folding hardtop model with a sat nav.

What should I be looking for? I know that’s a bit vague but currently my knowledge of the mark is pretty poor (though getting better all the time)

Many thanks Steve

There are 3 marques of the MK3

MK3 2005 - 2008

MK3.5 2009 - 2013

MK3.75 2013 - 2015


All pretty much the same with a few face lifts and cosmetic changes.

2012 to 2014 would put you in the MK3.5 - MK3.75 bracket.


Finding a 5 - 7 year old car with 10,000 miles might be a challenge though.


If you do go to view any, a good feature to look at.

Each and every body panel has a holographic sticker, bonnet, doors, wings, boot lid, door shuts, rear wings, maybe even the front door pillars.

These should all match with the VIN number.

If any are different, or missing, then ask yourself the question why.


Light corrosion is common under the boot lid where the number plate lights are situated.

It’s never too bad, and is easily fixed, but could be used as bargaining power when it comes to negotiation.

Similarly under the bonnet (but i’ve not seen this)


Underbody seal can be a bit hit and miss, so be prepared to crawl underneath and give the floor and chassis a good looking over, although I doubt that any thing serious would be happening on a 5 year old car. Having said that, never say never.


Seat belts can be lazy to retract.

Decent results can be had by cleaning them thoroughly, but again, this could be good bargaining power at negotiation time.


Another common issue is water ingress in the passenger footwell.

Again, another bargaining chip, especially if buying from a Mazda dealership.


finding one with such low mileage AND sat Nav will be even harder.

Only a few models had Nav.

Your looking for The Venture Edition and the 25th Anniversary. There may have been a couple of other NAV editions but I cant think of them off the top of my head

However you can always pull the OEM radio and replace with a aftermarket with Nav

Many thanks I’ve read the buying advice, very helpful.
Amazingly there are a few low mileage ones about. There’s even a 2008 car with a guaranteed 5000 on the clock.

Hiya Steve,

the metal roof you refer to is actually a composite lightweight material. If you go for that version, the boot lid is steel, the soft top boot lid is alloy. Both suffer under the lip as Keat63 advised, the steel version has rust though rather than oxidisation. Can still be dealt with though. The mk3.5/3.75 models (the later ones) have improved engine strength over the earlier model I’ve been advised. Good luck with your search 


Are there any quick methods of identifying the MK3 MK3.5 and MK3.75?

Have a poke about here:


I’ve just seen the pictures posted on the welcome page.

Does any one know the width of over the mirrors?

These seem to have good quality stock and mentioned on here before…


If you can stretch the budget and TBH this Mk4 isn’t far off those ^^ Mk3 prices, with NAV but soft top, low low miles (554)



Thanks Mick
I’ve looked at PVC’s cars and emailed them, they seem a bit pricy and my mails have gone unanswered.

The red MK4 is a 1.5 and I’m fixed on 2.0 litre cars.

Don’t dismiss the 1.5 so easily


Just for reference the 1.5 mk4 is pretty much as quick as the mk3 2.0. 8.3 secs to 60 for the 1.5 vs 7.9 for the 2.0. Plus it’s a 10 year newer design, uses WAYYYY less fuel and 500 miles is pretty much new. If I had the money I would snap it up!

I agree totally with BBB, that Mk.4 1.5l is a real bargain!


Yes got my attention, looked at it twice now, must resist is eating away at the back of my mind.

It certainly is a bargain. But not for me.
I’m going to look at a late 2014 car with 20,000 on the clock, a bit more mileage than I had originally intended. But I wont do many miles a year.

I’ve bought an MX5.
2014, 2.0 litre pearl white, low mileage in quite good condition.

Many thanks to the people who gave advice, your help was invaluable and very much appreciated…