Important information monthly meet March

Hello everyone
As you are all fully aware the corona virus is now taking ahold in the UK, due to this we as a planning team take your wellbeing and safety very seriously hence we have taken the hard decision to postpone the March monthly meet to be held on the 18th of this month at the bird in hand, Wreningham.
I hope you understand why we have done this, and hope everything gets back to normal soon.
If you know anyone who normally attends the monthly meets but does not go on the forum or Facebook very often please can I ask you to pass this message on.
Please can I ask you all to keep an eye on Facebook and the forum for updates on upcoming events In case anything changes.
We hope you all keep yourselves safe and well in the current climate and if you have any questions please message me directly and I’ll do my utmost to answer them.
See you all soon.