Initial inspection

Hello all, I have bought my first MX5. Mark 2 2003. I would like to have it fully inspected for safety, rust, performance etc. ( I must admit I’m a little disappointed with the performance ??) 

Can anyone recommend a garage around Bath,Chippenham, Devies who would do this please. I already have a major problem with it - my wife loves the car and snaffles it at every opportunity. 

Many thanks.

Disappointed in the performance? So was I when I bought my first Mk1 1.6. On a club run the 2.0 Mk3s were leaving me standing. On commenting about this at the first stop the straightforward answer was ‘You’re in the wrong gear’. These little cars love to be revved. No need to go anywhere near the red line but I’m sure you will find the performance you are looking for just a little higher up the rev counter dial.


You’ll get nothing much out of it until around 4.3/ 4.5 k revs tbh. It’s the SVT “variable valve” mill you & I have.

Trust me, get it thoroughly serviced, and cane it’s nuts off for a couple of safe & dry open road runs…it’s waiting for you.

These cars effectively…in real life…have the BHP per ton & 0-60 as my Capri 2.8i had but little high gear torque.

Keep it on the boil between 4k to 7k like any twin cam as it’s designed for…and off you go.