Instrument pod reflection on windscreen

I am looking for a solution to the instrument pod reflecting on the windscreen- I was told there is a stick on flocking of some sort , any suggestions please ?

I managed to get a dash carpet for my Eunos from eBay Australia which is black and covers the whole dashboard.

Aliexpress sells same for the ND but I would be concerned over operation of the passenger airbag.

What model do you have? The binnacle on all of the models come off with a bit of fiddling, so you could spray paint in matt finish (plastidip or similar) or even get it flock covered.

Just for info, I understand Ron, at the Flock shop, has hung his gear up for the last time🙁 moved on to a different venture now. He would have been the go to guy for this.


I use Polaroid sunglasses.

If it’s bright enough to reflect then shades come in useful. However one then also needs a hat/cap with a brim to prevent a reflection off the inside of the glasses!

My old Vextra had a light grey dash top! Why? Nuts. Suicidal. Maybe Vx were trying to write off as many as possible.
I immediately made up a ‘carpet’ from some amenable black felt and stuck it in place. At the first service, even the dealer admitted it was much better.

NC is nowhere near as bad as the Vextra so I’ve not bothered when shades will do.

Comes in all different ‘matt’ colours and less than £12 a tin, very easy to apply and remove without any damage.
If you are unfamiliar with the stuff there are masses of youtube videos.


I removed mine on my old NA and sprayed it satin black, cut reflections down a lot (not totally) but well worth the effort

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Hi there, I use a Matt finish interior cleaner, a little like the old dash flash cleaner. Mine is by armourall. It cuts down most of the glare, making it more bearable.

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Thanks for all the suggestions , I was hoping to find a ‘factory ‘ fix anti dazzle mat . I have ended up using a sheet of black felt from my local Hobby Craft shop , now to cut it to shape before applying adhesive :crossed_fingers: pictures when/if successful. Cheers Hammyd

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The felt has some interesting mechanical properties, it can be stretched to shape if you work it gently and are careful to avoid it tearing. How much stretch is a function of density and fibre lengths. Every piece is different, some even have a hint of grain or bias to them and can prefer moving in one direction over another.

Compressing it laterally is much more tricky, but again possible with patience and some water.

This is taking me back to 1996, 2000 and 2001 when three of us engineers had to help an expert dress our stands at some big trade shows - no time for nifty sewing, just stretch and stick with glue or double sided tape.

My black felt stuck on the Vextra dash was an off-cut from the 1996 show.