Insurance renewal time again

It might be no one rang you because some people think charging 5 Starbucks Coffees a year as a fee is way too much. Possibly their phone provider is tea drinker and so they couldn’t come up with a suitable trade to allow that service call to be made.

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Imagine how much those 5 Starbucks would cost if they also raised prices 180%

Insurance broker on lunch break.


Who knows, by the end of the lunch break he might need another container, as charging 180% more money, it’ll be overflowing

For the record.

Self employed small business owner since 1990……thus very aware of how important it is to provide good service at a competitive price, together with providing a good work environment to attract the sort of people one needs to run a successful business.

Whilst I do understand that no one should be expected to work for nothing, and a business must make money to be sustainable, it is not unreasonable to “shop around” for a good deal……

It is just unfair to offer to sell me an Ageas motor policy at £350, if another broker can sell it to me for £200, unless there is a significant difference in the cover provided. And that is the crux of the matter.


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I have just renewed my MX5 NC for £219.00 with Churchill. I’m 85 with £250 excess and spouse as named driver. Last year it was £172.00 fully comp.
Seemed a good deal


I agree, sounds like a good deal!
Wishing you & spouse many happy miles in your Mx5

Sad state of affairs for all of us when a 27% increase is perceived as a ‘good deal’

You are right of course . The first renewal offer was far higher and I couldn’t get them any lower. On the comparison sites, the best price was double that; and I couldn’t get a better price from Mazda magazines adverts either. Insurance companies can’t lose, they just make up shortfalls by bumping up premiums .

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Just had my renewal come through from Direct Line. Last year 355, renewal quote 585. No changes in circumstances.

Go Compare come up with 300 from Tesco.

Worth giving these guys a ring.

£200 renewal …. much better than anyone else I found. I’ve 3 cars with them and had been with a broker they took over for many many years- but worth a phone call.

Don’t forget the new club insurance scheme.

I was dreading my renewal this year as my MX-5 was a Cat-N write-off last year (other driver at fault). I subsequently had to car repaired, MOT’d and the insurance company cofirmed it was still insured.

I nearly fell off my chair when I got the renewal offer this week and it was £3 more than last year-(£179 vs 176). The insurance is through OneCall who are a broker and were absolutely brilliant when I had my accident.

Having just bought my ND , although old and we use it for social and 4k miles PA , we paid £210 with Aviva for it and happy with that. As for the wifes Cupra Formentor 310bbhp , we paid £290 with Aviva last year and renewal is a staggering £595 , for no changes . Needless to say, they wont get the renewal. But the insurance hikes arent tiny , so amazed at your renewal.

It isn’t just the car that dictates the premium.
From what I’ve been told over the years you can have your premium hiked if there have been car thefts or break-ins in your post code area. I spoke with someone who bought a repossession property and lived in it. They had threatening letters and paint thrown over their property from disgruntled creditors.
Insurance and mortgage books are sold on like Rupert annuals on eBay. Whenever a mortgage lender embarked on aggressive repossessions we suspected they were cleaning up their act prior to a sale of the book or takeover of the lender. I suppose hiking premiums comes into the same category.
Let’s face it, you may be getting a 50% hike because you were taken on as a loss-leader 12 months ago at a 25% discount, subsidised by those on auto-renewal.
Talking of which, with an ageing clientele who are snowed under with emails it is so easy to miss the renewal. I’ve done it and I’m not entirely ga-ga yet. Take them on at 10% discount, then hit them with a 25% increase on auto-renewal. Never give a sucker an even break. If Saga successfully did it to me on home insurance when I hit a certain age then the gloves are truly off.

Footman James still allow you the choice of digital or paper, I’m still on their system for paper :slight_smile: