Insurance Renewal

Just had my insurance renewal through from SAGA, last years premium £118.48, this year £187.98 about a 70% increase. No change to circumstances just a year older (62). What a rip 0ff. Gone on Go compare £119.00. Take a bow SAGA.

If it was your first renewal with them then that sounds like par for the course, reel you in then ramp it up come renewal time.
They aren’t on their own, it’s happened to me many times with various companies, loyalty isn’t a word that’s spoken within the insurance industry. I reckon some members have had good service and renewal prices so not all bad, me well atm I’m reasonably happy with Admiral this renewal time although I had to ring to get the price lowered which they did without much quibble.

I totally agree.Why is it when you ring them to get it lowered, they often do, so just put the lowered price on the renewal and we will all be happy (well almost)

Marketing to make money.  Most of the time it works for them.

They almost treat it as a game, some agents enjoy the haggle, others cannot be bothered and they lose the company my business.

Most people just accept the renewal increases especially if it just creeps up “in line with Industry costs” or some such vacuous verbiage. 

However there comes a point when we all snap and wake up to look around.

I was with Admiral and Direct Line (two cars) for decades and they did not jack up the premiums too quickly until recently (last ten years?).  Since then they have been as greedy as all the rest.  So I check each year, and haggle or move.

Now with RAC and LV for the cars, Aviva via A-Plan for the house, RAC for recovery, Insure and Go for travel.  I’ve no idea what I’ll be using next time around, but I saved just over a thousand this year against renewal quotes on all these.

Whatever happened to loyalty discount !!!

Just going through this annual farce. 

Renewal up £50 to £210, tried another company and they wanted £280+, so ignored this.

Short while later email from them asking if I was a club member, yes I completed that box, oh that makes a difference down £100 exactly the same routine as two years ago.

Emailed my existing company who stated change of car or address as main reasons for increase, suddenly price drops by £40 to a little more than last year.

This I can live with until I explained that I had a claim on my family car recently and bingo the renewal jumps £100+.

Eventually we agreed on a £19 increase which means that I don’t have to go through the rigmarole of an ‘agreed value’ all over again. Asked for confirmation of all this as the policy now auto renews ……… still waiting, probably sent 2nd class email. 


Admiral rep actually told me to ring up next renewal if I’m not happy and don’t bother going to the compare sites, we’ll sort you out on price. Err… well I said how do I know what’s a better price if I don’t do that?..silence  then we will help you was the eventual reply. They gave me £30 off no quibble this time, so it made it just a £10 ish rise over 3 policies.