Interior spruce up project!

So I was getting really bored of the interior of my NC, decided to make a minimal investment and tart the old girl up a bit!!

Total cost is £80 for parts only and about 2 hours of my time.

I bought a spare dash trim set on ebay for £20 and then spent a further £20 on the brushed aluminium vinyl wrap.

Solid machined brushed aluminium gear knob, £35 IIRC, and then just a coat of spray paint and lacquer for the door handle tops.

Really smartened it up and I think it looks much more premium than it did before! :grin::grin:

P.S - Also tarted up the manifold heat shield!


@Alfiemalfie just seen your other post… This is a cheap and effective way to get rid of scratched up trim!

Nice work on the interior, looks very high end factory. How did you polish the manifold heat shield? Did you remove it.


3 bolts to remove it (very fiddly!!), and then I took a copper wire wheel to remove the corrosion and give it a brushed effect, then sealed it with VHT lacquer to keep it looking shiny :ok_hand:

Did you remove the bolts from beneath?

Yep, the two to the left and right are removable from above, the middle one is accessed with a long extension through the wheel arch :+1:


:grinning: :ok_hand:

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