Intermittent dashboard hand brake light

I have a Nevada 1.8 I have read the topics. When driving the warning light comes on. When I stop and apply the handbrake with engine running. And then take it off it only dims the light. Engine turned off no problem. New brake master fitted. Fluid level OK. Brake pads good. Switch to hand brake seems good. If it is an earth or short problem. Where do look.

I have the exact same problem, general feeling is it may be : sticking switch, damp in a connector, bad earth, I haven’t gotten around to sorting it yet.

Thanks. I will for the moment assume the switch is good. But does any one know which damp connector or which earth to check. And there location?

I don’t know that but would start at the level sensor seeing if it sticks and checking any connectors in the vicinity then do the same with the handbrake lever switch, in my opinion that would be starting with the easiest and working from there