intermittent immobiliser fault repairman needed in hampshire

Hi, after going over a nasty speedbump, which was more like a concrete block in the road, the engine died. After 20 minutes, it worked again. since then, it’s been intermittently dying - when driving, it just looses power for a about 30 seconds and then dies completely. The RAC found it had a spark, seemed to have fuel and turned over fine but wouldn’t work. It starts again randomly - sometimes after 20 minutes, sometimes after 3 days. While it was working, the local garage (not a mazda dealer) plugged his laptop in but found no fault codes. Also took it to them when it had died but it started working again before they had a chance to investigate.

I noticed that while it wouldn’t start, when you turn the ignition on, the immobiliser light (the car and key shape) did not light up and whilst turning it over, it flashed on for a split second but that was all. Now it’s working again, the immobiliser light comes on when the ignition is on and turns off when the engine runs.

I’m thinking it may be a faulty immobiliser, or something to do with it. The local mazda dealers, who have the equipment to do a diagnostic, have quoted £90 just to do the diagnostic and don’t know how much it would cost if it needed a new immobiliser.

What I’m looking for is someone who can fix this for me at a reasonable price, who is competant. I live in Hampshire - can anyone recommend someone to me?

I’ve seen websites advertising repairs or diagnostics to immobilisers (like but for all I know, the fault might be a connector leading to the immobiliser, so sending it off might show nothing. Also, I don’t want to deal with anyone without some kind of recommendation that they know what they’re doing.

Thanks for any advice.

Hello Jarrick

I had a similar problem with my MK2.5, luckily when it finally died ‘immobolised’ it happened at home.  With great advice from

Wayne Mazda Mender & Andrew at Autolink I bought a replacement ECU & immoboliser, fitted everything

myself & was up & running.

By the way Autolink are based near Southampton, try them they are a pleasure to deal with.




Brilliant, will give them a go - can you tell me how much it cost you in the end?

Hello jarrick

Cost for the donor ECU, immoboliser, starter/key/barrel was close to £380 inc. postage & VAT.

The immoboliser problem is fairly common so do not be surprised if there is a shortage of donor parts.

Good Luck