Intermittent remote door lock problem

I have finally bought my first mx5. It is everything I hoped it would be, and I still smile every time I look at it and drive my 2008 mc 2 litre roadster. My only problem is that the remote door lock and boot lock operates intermittently. I have annoyingly have to manually unlock the central locking with the key, and sometimes it works. Any ideas ?

It might sound stupid but is it the same key or happening with both? My ND was random and i just changed the battery in the key fob and everything was ok. Hope it works out for you


First off if you haven’t fit new batteries.
Secondly make sure the battery contacts are making good connections, a little fettling (easing the tangs) could work.
Third thing you can check are the buttons making contact when you press, they can wear and cause problems, I’ve fettled mine in the past by just inserting some small pads in there.

Only other thing that may cause intermittent operations are faulty door actuators. They are known to fail especially in the drivers side but you say your boot lock plays up I reckon it’s the fob.

mine had similar problem, replaced both door actuators and now all good. the boot release does take a couple of seconds before anything happens. also there is a little red light on the fob when you press the buttons

New batteries and a bit of fettling as you called it did the trick, thanks for you input.