Intermittent Wiper stalk

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __nc 2011
  2. I’m based near: __Highlands
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __

My first post so please be gentle. I have recently bought a 2011 tech sport and as I live in the Scottish Highlands I need the upgraded intermittent wiper stalk.

I bought one from eBay that came from China. Fitted it and no change to the intermittent settings, it wasn’t variable.

I noticed my original unit only has one row of pins and the new unit has two rows of pins. My car has no wiring for the second row of pins.

Have I bought the wrong stalk?


Hmm, I think your purchase was the wrong one. Make sure it is supposed to be compatible with an RX8.

It was a standard unit across several Mazda cars of that generation.

The unit I took off my 2014 NC has only one row, this is it.

As far as I remember the RX8 wiper I bought in 2014 for my 2008 NC also has only a single row. It definitely worked on that and now transferred to the 2014 NC works on that too.

Have you bought the correct stalk ?

Thank you. I should never rely on eBay.

Definitely bought the wrong one. Even though it said for mx5.

Thank you.

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I read a Mazda CX7 intermittent stalk will fit but the rear wash/wipe bit won’t :rofl:. It was fitted to a 2012 NC and came from a 2008 CX7.

Someone mentioned a Mazda6 arm may fit as well

Did it actually say incudes intemittent wipe? If not then its just a standard replacement for the non intermittent one.
See what the vendor had in the ebay ad and take it from there.

The eBay vendor said it was for the mx5 and does have the variable intermittent toggle. The only issue is it has two rows of pins instead of one.

Does that matter.

Maybe it is simply a fault unit.

Sorry for the dumb question.


This is the one I ordered off of eBay and it’s fine.

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You had me doubting my frequently faulty memory, so I’ve just had a look. No memory glitch!

Your picture shows a different stalk. That extra connection row is not on my ex-RX8 unit, as seen in this blurry view from below and fitted inside my NC

and nor is it in the loom, only these six wires used in one row, as for all NCs.

Speak to your vendor and make sure he can supply a stalk also suitable for an RX8 (which was the basis for the MX-5 NC)

Good luck!

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