Is it all downhill!

I bought the 5 as had longed for another for over a decade but beginning to doubt my decision! I like my cars to be right so in the last month since buying it have had a full service (oil, fuel, air filters, oil change, rear pads, discs and Calipers), new Alloys (OK I bought another 5 to get them which is being broken which now have AD08’s on them!) and still the sills to do at £500 to bring it back to a condition I would be happy with! 

Speaking with techs at work the lower/upper arms really need doing although should just get through an MOT and a tad of clutch judder which although is not serious shouldn’t be there so new clutch needed!!! 

Is there anything else that could or is likely to need replacing on a 5 lol…

If you’re referring to the NB in your avatar, then have you checked the front chassis legs?

It’s been up on the ramps at work on numerous occasions lol so yes all good there… arms are the next thing needed.