Is something missing here ? Mk3 NC

There is a similar seemingly missing item on the passengers side of the boot also ?? at least I think someone is missing ?

All help appreciated.

Just looked at mine and it is identical to yours so don’t think anything is missing.


Yes, it’s a little round body colour hole cover. In other words a round piece of sticky tape.
Mine came unstuck, I made some more and sprayed them body colour (had the paint) stuck them on.
If you look around the car, engine bay favourite there are little bits of sticky tape covering holes, same thing. Mazda cheap skates instead of using proper grommets/bungs.

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As Mick has just said. :+1:
Lot of dashing about today! :laughing:

Have you nicked his, same colour? :grin:



Yes seems the same colour. Thanks again all, must be a manufacturing hole for hanging it up for spraying or something .Anyway another question answered.

Mine are missing, but they made handy holes to inject the Dinitrol.

I keep meaning to ask the same question as I noticed the holes after my car was treated. It must be a copper red thing cos mine’s the same colour.