Is There A N.Wales Area???

As above, is there such an area, if so when and where do the “locals” meet??

  • Club nights - Second Wednesday of each month 8pm in the conservatory of The Birch and Bottle, Northwich Road, Higher Whitley, Warrington, WA4 4PH. The A/C's are Peter & Sonya Jones (p e t e r . j o n e s @ m x 5 o c . c o . u k)

WoW, how big is the area, thats a good 80ish miles away from me, lol, area must be HHUUGUGGEE!!!, lol

Just to let you know we have a change in coordinators Mackers, myself Paul Mckay and my parntner in crime Syd Bailey

We are both very approachable and hope to catch up soon.

Forum just reopened so lets see how it goes

I joined as a new member in your area last July. As far as I know the forum was not closed?

Do you as coordinators email the members on your patch to let them know whats going on, or is it up the individual to look at your area page. When I  looked a couple of weeks ago there was nothing arranged at all and subsquently we have joined in on a run with Peaks and Pennines which was organised in January. Confused



Hi, if you look at our home page and click on Events, you will see a full listing of events up to now for this coming year. There is also a link to our mailing list yahoo groups under the Contact Us option.

The forum has only just been reopened by myself this week and over next few days ill add sticky’s so there will 2 avenues to see what events are happening in the CNW area.

Syd Bailey and I have taken the helm for the CNW from January off this year and im hoping we can kick start some more event and social evenings.


Where is this forum of which you speak? The only discussion arena that I’m aware of for CNW members is the Yahoo group, and that hasn’t been closed …

Erm hellooooo…are we not in the CNW forum discussion area now?

I didnt say the yahoo group had been closed

Oh, so we are! Didn’t realise. In all the time I’ve been a member of this forum, I’ve never noticed that there’s a C&NW subforum. Mind you, that’s probably because nothing’s been posted to it from when the new forum went live until now …