Is this page not used anymore?

As per title, is this page not used anymore? Been nearly a year since any events where last listed. 

I believe they use Facebook mainly… 22 posts in the past month.


For various reasons i have only been able to attend one night out this year due to other commitments or not knowing whats on, runs where always listed on here and I have the NI events page book marked so it’s easy to check and see what’s on, also I don’t do Facebook so only find out about events if another member happens to send me a message wanting to know if I am going.

HI Andrew, the area coordinators tend to send emails out to club members about events, has Peter got your email address.

They also post the events here

in the Northern Ireland Area Diary.

Hope this helps.


Hi again, will have to check out the emails as I don’t receive any about events, post notifications etc all seem to work ok.

I see the diary now, as I said I don’t do Facebook so have always relied on this events page to find out what’s on and has worked well in the past, even non members used to enquire or turn up at  events to see what the owners club is all about after seeing posts on here that’s how I came to join the club after seeing this page.

The NI forum seems to have very little happening on it now which is a shame.