Is this the best deal on a new MX5 or is this the best deal on a new MX5?

I was passing my local Mazda dealer this afternoon and called in to see if they had any secondhand bargains. They had a brand new 2:0 soft top in the show room, reduced from £17566 to £12749! I enquired if such discounts were available on other cars and asked for a quote on a 2:0 Roadster Coupe with leather seats and air con. The price he gave me was £14999, which included road tax! The only additional cost was for metallic paint if required. I’ve seen second hand ones available for more than this!

Is there a catch to it? I mean, are these going to be cars that have been parked on an airfield somewhere for 18 months?

I think the general panic in the car market, slumpimg sales, a declining economy and probably the impending release of the Mk3 Facelift will all be having an impact.

 There are some generally good deals out there.

In addition we have to remember some of the cold hard facts for the poor car salesmen. It is a woefully low basic salary as a salesman in cars and all of the decnt money is made up on commission. This makes a salesmans need to convert the significantly fewer punters that are coming through the doors even more important… probably desperately.

This means the Sales Managers at the dealerships will be getting pressure from their own salesmen to pull out all the stops on discounts… options… finance packs etc etc to help them sell the cars. Working a 45hr week on a £12k basic  in all weathers cant be much cop when there you are used to selling 40 cars per month (got a friend in the trade)

 So this is the time to get a really good deal… all I can suggest is that you ask for some guarantees before signing to put your mind at rest. In theis market you could probably invite yourself to the guys house on Sunday for lunch and get it thrown in to secure a sale[;)]

the other side of this is the deals usually will not normally involve any decent PX. Last weekend I was offered at brand new Z4 with an £8000 plus discount (new model out soon and showroom model), trouble was that they would not even give me bottom book for my car in PX (also BMW), book shows my car as standard to be worth £14.5 k. with leather and other bits and bobs adding maybe a grand, very low miles maybe another £500. Px offered was £12k so £4k below normal PX value.

Anyone wanting to know the true value of cars at the current time should look here - I have found it to be the most accurate available … only look if you are serious and have a strong heart!!



I just picked up a late 06/06 plate Mk3 2.0 option pack, Winning blue, in perfect nick with only 11k on the clock from a non-franchised dealer - only £7,800. I’m happy.

That’s about the right price … I bought my daughter a 1.8 Option Pack on a 55 Plate … £6250, this included a Mazda boot rack, Tax, MOT 12 months and warranty.

 Really no need to pay any more than this.

 my local mazda dealer has been offering its in stock new mk3’s with 5 years 0% finance and a great price. 
If my wifes car wasnt so small id have gone for it. 
As is ill have to make do with a mk1 and my family car [:D]

It sounds as though they may be trying to clear their stocks before the new model arrives.  The best I saw was nearly £5k off a new one as long as it’s registered before the end of Feb.  (I’m not sure if they included a 0% finance offer) It’s very tempting to buy the entry model at a knock down price and then maybe trade up in a couple of years, hopefully without losing too much of the hard-earned stuff.  Alternatively, maybe it’s best just to get a higher spec car while prices are low, since the new model looks quite similar anyway.  I’m just not sold on any of the current colour options and would probably choose stormy blue on a process-of-elimination basis.