It's a bit frosty out there

 My 30AE, complete with frosty shadow. I was going to take the bike out but I think I’ll put the kettle on and wait for it to warm up a bit first!

First frosts of the winter here, the last 2 nights.

Bit different to Glasgow, 47 years ago, walking to work at 5.30

in the morning in -18 degrees on the early shift as a bus driver.

At the depot, a yardful of diesels, engines kept running all night

to prevent them waxing up.  A fog of fumes.


Arrr…, winters just aren’t like they used to be.

Yeah, I remember the deep snow as a kid that we just don’t get any more. This winter’s been very odd - loads of days at 10 degrees C. Not today though! I’ve been out on my bike and I’m chilled to the bone!


Those were the days my friend… and then you blink and instead of driving them, you’ve got a bus pass!  ??‍??