Its Picos Mountain time again!

Hello NWM members,
You lucky people! Today’s video offerings capture our drive from Cangas De Onis to Fuente De via Hermida Gorge, with its Bearded Vultures, and Mirador De Santa Catalina. On our ascent to the viewpoint overlooking the Hermida Gorge our good pal Phil Jackson rang us on the mobile phone. They too were motoring Northern Spain but they had been affected by a fire on the Brittany Ferries. This worked to our advantage as we arranged to meet them later the next day

Updated link for those who spotted the ‘mistake’ with the gaps in the recording.

Looks like a great place to drive, don’t get many views like that where I live in Essex.

Fabulous, thanks for sharing. Wouldn’t mind doing that myself.

Thanks for the comment. If you consider Northern Spain then keep an eye out for Brittany Ferries car and motorbike driving tours. They use the national hotel chain “Parador” for the accommodation that on our tour was excellent.

Jim Keeley