Jacked Up


Got car jacked up with hand brake on ,i can turn one wheel but not the other ! does it mean i should adjust one of them ?

With the the brake off i can feel friction when i try to turn both wheels .

any info gladly received


Check the adjustment of both sides. Release the tension on the cable from inside the car (remove the plastic covers from the parking brake) then adjust each caliper up so the wheel locks then release the adjuster about 1/4 turn. Re-adjust the cable and test.

Hi Robbie

               Thanks for the info do i have to slacken off the adjusting screw at the base of the hand brake beneath the hand brake cover and center console,also do i make the adjustment behind the calipers using a alan key or am i getting my wires crossed or should i say cables.

There’s a very good write up in the FAQ associated with this section of the garage