Jap Fest

 Have fun all of you going to Jap Fest tomorrow, sorry I won’t be with you. Don’t forget the photos Big Smile

Hi Liz

Photos £2 each for Trouble makers Stick Tongue Out

Any one going who has track time they dont want??

 As my first outing in the MX5 but not my first Japfest , it will be interesting to meet some of you, as i have just been lurking and reading posts for the last few weeks since getting my imported Eunos 1994 J-II automatic.

Hope your a friendly bunch Smile

Clapping hands in the airAnother J2 ltd.Clapping hands in the air

Aye we’re a friendly bunch so enjoy yourself & say hello to the guys & girls

 Hope you didn’t all spend hours sat in traffic, just been reading another forum Whistling& it seems to have been bad

I was going home this morning from work (top less of course) and ended up stuck in a Jap Fest Jam at Chippenham, thank god for that tiny turning circle of a 5, whilst others were having to do a right old shuffle.

Hi Liz

Got to Japfest at 6.15, first in the gate Big Smile

 Took Neil advice and got there early (7 ish) to avoid the queues, found Neil, Steve and John waiting for me in the field. Thanks for the tech help agian gents.