Jass Performance Pop Up switches

Hi guys I’m currently trying to fit the Jass Performance Pop up headlight switches, and I’ve run into a problem. The electrics that run out of the back of the switches seems to be too long and therefore is hitting something behind the tombstone meaning The tombstone can’t sit flat when trying to reconnect anybody know what I should do to stop this from happening thanks

That’s a bit of a ■■■■■■! I don’t suppose there’s anyway to trim the length of the collar on the back of the switch panel without damaging any wiring inside it?

Its just a bit of rubber covering generic switches. I’d just cut the rubber off. What’s it supposed to do? Its all plastic there, so nothing is going to short out.

Or just cut the rubber off between the switches and the connector block.


Thanks for that, I managed to get it to work by doing that.