Jass Pull Handles

Just fitted a set of Jass pull handles to my mk1. I’m left with 2 holes now - so I’m wondering what other people have done to blank them off?




I would need 2 sets of these right as there’s 2 holes on each door card?

Or if you want a really clean look you can can buy some blank door cards. I just so happen to have some Ibrand new ones I don’t need. Let me know if you would be interested in buying them 

Photos and price? ??




I presume from your reply that you have the single loop vintage style loops rather than the more conventional two fixing door pulls? In that case, yes, you would need a pair for each door (2sets in total) or take goatboy up on his offer? TBH, I did a similar thing on my mk1 but two fixings, I ended up recovering the door cards in quilted material. This got rid of the holes and was more in keeping with a “retro” look.