Join the Facebook page please?

Hi, I applied to join the sections Facebook page a little while ago but so far no response.
Any chance of some one taking a look at my application please.

Hi, I can’t see anything on the page. Maybe you have to be an admin.

Says membership pending…
I’m keen to join if you’ll have me?

I’ve posted on the facebook page, and flagged it to admin. Hopefully someone will be along soon.

I’m assuming that it is the MX-5 Owners Club North East Midlands that you’re after

Steeve, what’s your facebook name?

Apparently there have been many applications from spammers recently

Hopefully sorted now @Steeve

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Yahooooo I’m on. Thank you so very much!

No worries

I don’t have Facebook. Loads of forums have disappeared onto there but I hate it. Grinch I am lol.

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