June Meeting

What a good turnout for the July meeting, some new faces (welcome) some familiar faces with new cars and the weather was even kind enough that we where outside all evening.<o:p></o:p>

Apart from catching up with friends and events (why is Castle Combe the same weekend as Blyton) the highlight of the evening for me was the scrum of people around the cheapest 5 in the car park. One of the members had brought a BRG MK1 with rusty sills (still had 2 weeks MOT) as spares for his track car and the rest of us were deciding what part off of it we wanted, deals were done and money changed hands (I came away with a half tonneau cover for me and a space saver wheel for my neighbour), I know the door pulls and glove box disappeared into someone’s boot. <o:p></o:p>

If there had been a full tool kit there I dread to think how he would have got home as he had offers for the exhaust, under body brace bars, cabin brace bars etc.<o:p></o:p>

Looking forward to the July meet allready.

How many of these parts will be on cars for the “Best in Region” I wonder?

Cripes, I must have slept through a whole month! It’s a shame I couldn’t make it again…Wednesday evenings are a pain for me.

Still, I fancy the idea of Castle Combe if anybody is planning to go? Don’t trust the old bus to get to Blyton.

Also, any plans for a drive out when the summer comes back?

There are a few going to Castle Combe Saturday 30th June, Karen (A/C) did have some tickets if you e-mail her via the area website she might have one left.

Some of us (Neil, Steve, Lynne, Liz and I that I know of) are going up to Blyton that weekend for some fun on track so will not be there.

If you where after a run out there is a trip over to Moss in Bristol later this month but you may end up buying a few presents for the car if you come along.



Think you should check your diary John to make sure you don’t miss Moss evening or Blyton Stick Tongue Out 

Was amusing to watch the bees round the nest last night, think Neils mind made up for him re Breaking or Fixing Wink 

Neil…There is drivers door needed by member on the forum, will see if I can get rid of more bits for you, rather than finding them Stick Tongue Out


Thanks for that Liz Thumbs up, now edited to ease understanding.

Got myself passes for Castle Combe on Sunday so will be headed there with a flask of soup and a big brolly to watch the inevitable car ballet.

Love Castle Combe in the wet! 

Will keep my eye out…

 I know that Neil and Alan went did you meet up / have a good day.