just bought a quick shift but have no instructions,can anyone assist?

 hi there ,just bought a quick shift kit ,but it has no instructions,i’m not sure in what order the bits go,as the were   loose in the box when i got them,


can anyone tell me how to fit?

many thanks

 Having just changed my upper and lower boots and topped up the oil on my shifter, I think you have been robbed…

The length and size of the actual shifter in your pack looks identical to the standard one. Unless the other metal rings add something, I am not sure it will make any difference.

Have alook to these pictures might give you some idea…


Actually looking at it closer, if you put the big metal ring on top of the gearbox that will change the pivot point on the lever, and the distance between the nylon bush and pivot point looks longer. try that. Will make the shift shorter…??? 

 That’s exacrly what is does, the rings go on the top and the distance to the bottom ball is lonfer than a std stick, but TBH Embarassed



Put it back on ebay. I tried one on my Mk1  and wouldn’t have one on a car I own, it’s the only time I’ve missed gears on a trackday

 many thanks for replying,the kit comes with a thick collar,and then a smaller collar that can be inserted in the bigger one,it does indeed raise the pivot point putting the large ring on,and the fulcrum is different as the bottom of the stick is longer,what i cant work out is where this little collar sits ,and which way it goes,it has a allen key bolt through the big which mimicks the location key in the gearbox for the lever,but the small collar has a deep cutout that can be lined up over the bolt.hard to work out whether this sit over or under the ball of the lever.i have tried lots of ways of doing it…but clearly just not the right one!i will work  it out…but in the time being if anyone can make it easier!

many thanks

 I think the white collar fits in the selector anda tight fit by that I mean you have to algine 100% to fit in the selector.lets know how you go on I would like a short stick for my 1.8 sport, have you tried looking on www.miata.com there is a very good explaination of fitting a short stick on there I thinks it in the transmission section,


Looking at the picture, I’d be tempted to say that the ring with the slot in it drops into the gearbox over the original locating stub, Then the spacer ring with the new locating stub (If the locating stub in that isn’t centrally between the top and bottom faces, I’d try it with the stub lowest first), Then the gearstick, Then the small ring (It looks like it’s bevelled on the bottom, So put  that side down so it “Cups” the top of the ball part of the gearstick),Then the flat plate and washers/Bolts… Is there a prize if we get it right? Stick Tongue Out

Scotty B.

 thats was my line of thought,so going to try it today,theres an allen key headed bolt that acts as the stub in the ring,but its too big to fit in the slot of the leaver,so i may have to grind it down…managed to get a copy of some instruction in japanese…slight help ,but really hard to see.

how do you attach photos on here?and i’l stick it on

many thanks!prizes???can you email beer?Beer




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well just fitted it,so here the definative answer to fitting a quick shift kit of ebay!Mr Reman,you was on the money…but with a few bits extra needed to do.

so if any one want to know how to fit, heres the instructions.

To make it easy click on the link on from ebay i will list the parts from left to right going from top to bottom as such.

A, gear leaver

B, 3 bolts

C, 3 plain and 3 sprung washers

D, slim collar with a cut out

E, retaining plate

F, Plastic cup with sprung washer on top

G, spacer plate with(in my case and allen key headed bolt in)pin

now this was the confusing bit as i received mine loose in no order, (G) spacer plate ,the drilling for the pin(bolt)is offset and not in the centreline of the inner cirmcumference.This means it can appear to fit either way,(pin up or pin down)

E, is the mysterious missing part not in the Kit,but more of that lower down.

Now i’m assuming you know how to remove the centre console and gearlever, if not…

1 ,two screws in cubby hole of arm rest one under the ash tray,and one either side of the console in foot wells near your stereo,remove your gear knob,undo your screws,lift your console up slowly,unclip two plastic electrical connectors by squeezing them,and put console to one side.

2, Rubber sound cover over gear leaver,4 ten mill bolts and a plastic sealing ring on gear leaver,give that a tug to loosen and then undo the bolts and lift off.

3, Three ten mill bolts securing leaver inplace,get a plastic cup or sheet ect,as when you remove leaver its covered in oil,remove bolts,lift leaver slowly out to make sure nothing drops off,or down in to transmission.

4, Look down in to where the leaver was sat,to the front of the tunnel and you will see a pin,this locates the gearleaver by slotting into the cutout of gearleaver(a)now look underneath that,and you will see a plastic cup,stick your fingers down and underneath,opposite the pin and lift up,it should have a sprung washer with it as well,dont yank it out,just prise slowly with your fingers.You will notice the plastic ring has a cut out in it.These two parts are your missing bits (E).The cut out is important,and why you need to modify the cup in the kit as well.

5, Place collar (d) into the hole where you pulled the plastic cup out of,the cut out should be facing downwards,as it slots over the pin in the housing.

6, Spacer plate (G) make sure the bolt/pin inside,slots into your gearleaver,if not either get another bolt,or grind the circumference of the head of the bolt and file off some of the plastic insert in the gear leaver till it does.If you dont do this the gearlever does not sit in the centre of the spacer plate and gets forced upwards.Make sure its a tight interference fit.

now this collar will fit only one way on my kit,this is with the pin higher up to the surface,if you flick the other way down with the pin downwards,the bolt holes do not line up.

7, Grab part (E) and insert on the underside of part (G)make sure the cut out of the plastic cup is underneath the pin,and then put the sprung washer on,

8, Slide the above(G) on to the collar on the transmission,so thats sprung washer,plastic cup then spacer in that order.

9, Get part (F) the ones in the kit does not have a cutout,so snip a bit off the same size as your pin,and make sure it slide into the spacer plate and sits flush,take out again,slide over the top of the gearleaver,then slide the spring washer on,the retaining plate (G).

if gear box needs oil ,top up now,refer to owners manual as to how far,

10, Slide gearleaver with all the above on,in to spacer plate,with cut out on lever facing forwards,waggle it so you can feel it engage in the gearbox,it should lock in and locate,slide the plastic cup (F)down and make sure it sits flush with the spacer plate.

11, Put  your bolts in your retainer plate and tighten.Just nip the bolts up.

12, Done,slide your gearknob on,dip your clutch and try it to make sure all ok…

13, Refit the rest of the bits in the reverse order of stripping

Please note i am writing  this for information only and take no responsibility for any occurence or eventuality afterwards!!!if your not sure what your doing,get someone else to do it!but you should not have any problems if you follow the above instructions.

well the shift actions is quicker and more direct,maybe  too quick for my clutch as i heard it slip a bit!very very direct,you have to be carefull changing from 3rd to 2nd as it baulks slightly,but the bias of the lever pushes more strongly,so it goes from 2nd to 3rd upwards very quickly ,and 3rd to 4th,but does need more of a shove to get in 5th.

so certainly more efford needed.i have only been for a five min drive,so i’ll keep all informed!

thanks all!