Just one more starting problem

Hi a couple of days ago my 5 would not start but i left it overnight through frustration and then next day it started but last night it started but then the engine died ,the only thing i have noticed is that when i turn on the ignition i can usually hear the petrol prime but it has stopped doing this now any ideas anyone?.Relay ?pump or filter or any ideas would help as i run the car on a budget and could maybe try to put a garage in right direction,many thanks .Glyn

If the engine is starting, but then dying, check the airflow meter connection; if there is a AFM fault, juice is cut to the fuel pump.

Thanks for the reply i had the aa out the other day and was told that their was no spark or pulse on the injectors so all i can think of is cam sensor or ecu so just wondering what to do next many thanks ,Glyn